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The 1st Sugar Daddy Dating Site in NYC

New York is a big international city and there are lots of wealthy men and beautiful women. "Sugar Daddy" has been accepted well there as one concept of new lifestyle. For a mutually beneficial relationship, rich men are going after beautiful women and young women are seeking mature men.

We launched Sugar Daddy NYC as the 1st Sugar Daddy Dating Site in NYC in order those successful men and young women from New York City have a place to meet each other conveniently.

Professional dating service

We joined the private label program of SugarDaddyMeet in order that we could offer professional dating service to our members. With the support of SugarDaddyMeet, we built up the site in a week and our members can use the service quite soon.

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It takes only 1 minute for you to become a member of Sugar Daddy NYC since the process of registration is quite simple.

There are numerous photos and it is totally free to view them. If you are new comer, please don't worry and there are 1000+ sugar daddy dating tips.