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Many young women are struggling in the beginning of their carrier, college life or no job-time. Nearly all of them don't want to bother their parents any more or ask a friend in the reality for any help. They try their best to find someone who can help or care of them to get through the hard time. But actually they don't want any kind of prostitution... Read more
We are interviewing real New York Sugar Daddies who are using online Sugar Daddy dating now, in order to find out what they are really looking for by such a relationship.One thing we don't expect is that many rich and mature men are finding real love at an online arrangement site... Read more
New York City is well known as the richest cities in the world and the biggest harbor in the world is also located there. Up to now, 73 of Fortune 500 corporations are headquartered in NYC and there are numerous companies around the CBD area. It is why we insist on that New York City is the top city to seek a Sugar Daddy... Read more