Being an Ideal Sugar Daddy of a Young Woman

Posted by, 2017/6/16.

Many young women are struggling in the beginning of their carrier, college life or no job-time. Nearly all of them don't want to bother their parents any more or ask a friend in the reality for any help. They try their best to find someone who can help or care of them to get through the hard time. But actually they don't want any kind of prostitution.

Being a Sugar Baby is a quite wise choice for these women, so they go to online dating service or mobile dating app in hope of finding such a man. But what kind of men do these young women want to get in touch? It is quite a problem for all the men who want to find such a Sugar Baby.

We interviewed 3 young women from New York and let us see what they want by seeking a Sugar Daddy.

Rachel, 21, Hyde Park:

"I'm not looking for a relationship. FWB would be ideal, but if a relationship is desired later then I will be open to the thought. We could meet once a week or a couple times per month, I generally have off Friday night though Monday, so whole weekends are fine as well. I know a lot of you are busy men, so please excuse how formal this sounds. I just want to be clear in what I am looking for so that we do not waste each other's times. That's fair right? So what I am looking for is: 1) Dominant. Not "I saw Fifty Shades of Grey and I'm a dominant," but a true dom. You can reference yourself as Christian Grey, but please understand that he is actually a sadist. Yes pain adds pleasure. But I don't want you to only get pleasure from my pain. I am a submissive and I want to make my Dom happy. Fyi...just because I'm submissive in the bedroom does not mean I am outside of it. This isn't a requirement, but a major plus if you are BDSM friendly.
2) Be authoritative, yet understanding.
3) Be strong, yet gentle.
4)Treat me like a real woman and I will show you how a man should feel. Treat me like someone you brought, and I'll treat you like the scumbag you are. Sorry. Respect is earned, not given.
5) You should be honest and open with me; we need to be able to trust each other for this to work.
6) Someone who can hold an intelligent conversation.
7) I would like someone who enjoys a fine bottle of wine, or even whiskey.
8) Please be athletic; I enjoy staying active and would enjoy being with someone who does as well.
9) Someone who can be outdoorsy, but still attend a black tie function. If I can do both, then so can you. Most of all, someone who will enjoy my company as much I would enjoy theirs outside of the bedroom. If this sounds like you, then message me:) PS If you are over 45, it probably won't work unless I message you first. I'm into older men, that's just older than I would currently like."

Lana, 18, Fresh Meadows

"A gentlemen , must have respect for me, someone open-minded, can help with my expenses, be a mentor figure. Also needs to be straight up honest about what you want as i will do the same ! "

Rita, 23, New York

"I am seeking a generous, educated, powerful and successful gentleman who will show me the most luxurious and exclusive aspects of life. Someone I can have fun with, travel with, and make me laugh often.

Ideally I'd like to find an ongoing arrangement that could potentially turn into a traditional relationship. Willing to relocate for the right sugar daddy. I love to travel and my bag is always ready for an adventure!

Looking for substantial to high allowance only. I also appreciate a fun shopping day of luxury handbags, shoes, watches - things like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Louboutin, Rolex, Cartier, etc."

It is quite true that the 3 women above are really seeking a man for improving their life. None of them talk about their real life, but we guess it is not very good. They are not asking for money directly, but they want the man can support their travel,expenditure or luxurious aspects.

So we conclude that if you want to be an ideal Sugar Daddy, you should be somehow rich or at lease you should be generous. Then you can or would like to support a young woman for that she is your Sugar Baby.

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